Solution Development

Our team is highly experienced in managing projects of all types and sizes including proof-of-concepts, minimum viable products, and production-grade solutions.  Our clients view us as trusted advisors with expertise in supporting data strategy initiatives and developing meaningful solutions.

Proof of

Rapid solution to prove out the
feasibility and value of an idea to
capture buy-in and expand into
a broader solution
  • Several days to complete
  • Reduces risk if idea requires rethinking or isn't feasible
  • Precursor to investing in a minimum viable product

Minimum Viable

Collaborative solution with an
iterative approach to evolve an
idea into a targeted functional
  • Several days / weeks to complete
  • Iterative approach with ample opportunity to incorporate feedback
  • Precursor to investing in a production-grade solution


Comprehensive solution with
careful testing and refinements
to meet usability, functionality,
and scalability standards
  • Several weeks / months to complete
  • Generally evolves from a proof of concept or minimum viable product
  • Thoughtful and careful development with stakeholders thoroughly involved 

Our Approach


  • Define project objectives
  • Gather business knowledge
  • Draft work program


  • Acquire data
  • Analytics profiling
  • Validating / refining project


  • Acquire additional data
  • Perform analytics
  • Analyze results


  • Gather project feedback
  • Improve approach
  • Start additional projects