About us

At DataPrepU, we lead in transforming analysts into strategic assets, driving success through expert-led analytics education.

Our Story

Data Prep U LLC was founded in January of 2018 by Chad Martin, a former top performing Alteryx sales engineer and employee of 11 years.  Chad’s passion for data analytics and natural ability to coach and help professionals solve data problems continues to be a cornerstone of Data Prep U’s success today. Today, we’re proud to be among the top Alteryx partners focused on collaborating with organizations to accelerate their data analytics capabilities through a balance of solution development and professional development.  We are driven by our mission to spread the power of analytics to every data professional and aspiring individual.

DPU Founded


100+ Professional Development Sessions Delivered


Alteryx Rookie Partner of the Year


Alteryx Professional Development Partner For Big 4 Accounting Firms


Alteryx Professional Development Partner For Global Consulting Firm


100+ Organizations Engaged


Increased Focus On Consulting Services & Cloud Analytics Capabilities


Continuous Growing


Who we are

At DataPrepU, we are pioneers in transformative analytics education, bringing over six years of expertise in consulting and education. Specializing in unlocking the potential of analysts and consultants, our courses seamlessly integrate into workflows, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Committed to real-world results, we prioritize strategic thinking and problem-solving, ensuring your team's efficiency and growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
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Our purpose

At DataPrepU, our purpose is to empower teams through transformative analytics education, fostering strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. We believe in unlocking the full potential of individuals, driving organizational growth, and shaping the future of business leaders

Our expertise guarantees ongoing success through seamless skill integration in analytics education.

Unlock sustained success with our expert-led analytics education. We guarantee ongoing growth through seamlessly integrating essential skills, ensuring your team excels in the ever-evolving landscape.

Organizations engaged across all major industries

Years of experience developing data analytics solutions

Data professionals upskilled

Meet our team

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