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At Data Prep U, we specialize in solution development, analytics office hours, and certification boot camps. We believe in empowering professionals to take on analytics leadership roles and drive data analytics initiatives.

Solution Development

We specialize in collaborative analytics solution development services, rapidly designing and building solutions to automate data processes and accelerate data analysis. Leveraging our expertise in Alteryx Designer workflows and Alteryx Server solutions, we create robust frameworks that streamline your analytics pipeline. Our proficiency extends to crafting immersive Tableau and Power BI dashboards, ensuring clear and actionable insights.
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Analytics Office Hours

We offer interactive analytics office hours, designed to elevate your team's analytics skills, fostering project success and professional development. With a focus on education, our expert consultants provide guidance and support across various platforms and projects.  Our flexible scheduling options allow organizations to maximize the value of their analytics investments, empowering them to excel in a data-driven world.

Certification Bootcamps

Our certification bootcamps across Alteryx, Tableau, and other platforms aim to equip professionals with mastery in essential concepts required to achieve certification. Through simulated exam environments, we facilitate practice of key exam concepts, emphasizing problem-solving skills. Our bootcamps provide tailored guidance, focusing on exam-specific tips and techniques to ensure readiness for success.
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