Transformative Success Stories: March 2024

Mar 5 / Data Prep U (Matt Agnello)
Welcome to our Transformative Success Stories Series, where each month, we spotlight the transformative impact of analytics through our own engagements. This edition shares two standout projects that embody our commitment to strategic decision-making, training excellence, and innovative problem-solving. Dive into how we've elevated global analytics training and revolutionized finance automation, demonstrating our solutions in action. 🚀
Global Training Transformation: Elevating Analytics Capabilities Worldwide

We partnered with a leading multinational management consulting firm on a mission to redefine analytics training. We set out to boost analytics capabilities across the firm providing impactful, hands-on Alteryx training to over 1,800 employees around the globe. Covering ETL workflows, reporting, and predictive modeling, our sessions engaged participants from various regions, setting a new standard for analytics education worldwide.

The Outcome:

The transformation was profound. Our live virtual sessions and dedicated office hours enabled interactive learning and immediate analytics support, ensuring consultants could directly apply new skills to their work. The initiative received top-tier rankings from our client, proving the value of tailored, accessible education in building global analytics competence.

Automation in Finance for the Digital Payments Industry

Our collaboration with an enterprise in the digital payments space, we focused on driving efficiency through innovation. The client's finance team faced challenges with a labor-intensive process, heavily dependent on manual VBA scripts and Excel-to-PDF conversions, which was prone to errors and inefficiencies.

The Solution:

Data Prep U's expertise transformed this cumbersome process into a streamlined, automated ETL workflow, deployed on a remote server for periodic execution. The result was a dramatic shift from 40+ hours of manual labor to a mere 5 minutes of automated processing. This not only saved invaluable time but also significantly reduced the risk of errors, illustrating the profound impact of automation on operational efficiency.

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