Transformative Success Stories: June 2024

Jun 3 / Data Prep U (Jose Arevalo)
Welcome to our Transformative Success Stories Series, where each month, we highlight the transformative impact of analytics through our own engagements. In this edition, we share two unique projects that showcase our dedication to helping clients improve their existing processes.  Dive into how we've transformed inventory management for a construction company and utilized natural language processing for a hospitality company. 🚀
From Manual To Automated PDF Invoice Data for a Convenience Store Chain

A major convenience store chain was manually processing hundreds of PDF invoices each month, a task that was not only time-consuming but also limited by the inability to capture crucial line-level details, forcing them to rely on summary totals alone and forgo deeper insights into their operations.

The Solution:

Data Prep U developed a comprehensive automation strategy to transform the invoice handling operations.  Invoices were categorized based on structural format, and customized data extraction strategies were deployed based on each type.  The data, once extracted, was structured into journal entries and uploaded directly into the company's ERP system, preserving line item details and enabling sophisticated downstream analyses.

To maintain the accuracy and reliability of the data, several validation steps were implemented, including checks for structural inconsistency, readability, and variances between totals and line item details.  Invoices failing these checks were flagged for manual review.

This solution allowed the chain to process detailed line-level data rapidly, substantially enhancing their financial analysis capabilities.

Streamlining Customer Integration for a High-Tech Platform

A tech company with a proprietary in-house platform faced the daunting task of integrating thousands of new users acquired through a recent business deal. The platform, featuring a front-end web portal for customer registration, required that new users register through this portal to achieve seamless integration across all internal systems without complex back-end procedures. This process was inherently time-consuming, with each registration taking several minutes, posing significant disruptions to normal operations..

The Solution:

Data Prep U developed a carefully calibrated automation strategy to efficiently manage this large-scale user migration. The solution began with extensive testing in a development environment, where the team simulated the registration process to ensure the automated system precisely mirrored manual entries without causing disruptions.  A slow ramp-up strategy was then deployed,  starting with a small number of registrations and gradually increasing, to minimize errors and allow for real-time adjustments, ensuring every customer was accurately and efficiently integrated into the system. 

This automation solution streamlined the registration process, reduced staff workload, and enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring the platform's scalability and continuous high-quality service.

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