Transformative Success Stories: July 2024

Jul 8 / Data Prep U (Jose Arevalo)
Welcome to our Transformative Success Stories Series, where each month, we highlight the transformative impact of analytics through our own engagements. In this edition, we share two automation projects that showcase our dedication to helping clients improve their existing processes. Explore how we transformed app store data analytics for a tech company and enhanced workplace safety monitoring for a construction company. 🚀
Unlocking the Power of App Store Data

A tech-ed company with an online app faced challenges in compiling and analyzing app store metrics from multiple platforms like Apple, Amazon, and more. Their traditional method of using Excel to read and aggregate hundreds of CSV files for historical sales data was not only time-consuming but also limited their ability to perform detailed trend analyses.

The Solution:
Data Prep U streamlined and enhanced the data gathering and analysis process using Alteryx. By automating the reading and compilation of data from hundreds of CSV files, we transformed a multi-day task into a single morning's work. This automation provided the FP&A team with daily-level data, replacing the reliance on monthly summaries. With granular data at their fingertips, the team could perform detailed trend analyses, significantly improving their budgeting and forecasting efforts.

Detecting Workplace Safety Patterns for a Construction Company

A prominent construction company aimed to improve their safety monitoring and incident reporting by leveraging the SafetyCulture application and its API. They needed a way to gather real-time data on reported incidents and integrate it with their HR and jobsite data to develop comprehensive dashboards for management.

The Solution:

Data Prep U partnered with the construction company to perform data exploration, set up API connections, and gather real-time incident data to blend with existing HR and jobsite information. This integration enabled the creation of interactive dashboards, providing management with a clear view of safety issues and trends across the organization. These dashboards also allowed management to detect potential safety hazards early and address them proactively.

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