Transformative Success Stories: April 2024

Apr 2 / Data Prep U (Matt Agnello)
Welcome to our Transformative Success Stories Series, where each month, we highlight the transformative impact of analytics through our own engagements. In this edition, we share two standout projects that showcase our dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and professional development.  Dive into how we've transformed p-card monitoring for internal audit and increased Alteryx certification success rates for Big 4 accounting firms. 🚀
Enhancing Spend Monitoring for the Natural Gas Sector

We collaborated with a leading company in the natural gas industry to enhance the internal audit process for monitoring financial transactions. These transactions, essential for day-to-day operations, presented oversight challenges due to their volume and the rapid pace at which they occurred. Traditional monitoring methods, relying on generalized rules and aggregated data, proved inadequate for detecting specific irregularities and patterns that could indicate non-compliance, abuse, and/or fraudulent activity.

The Solution:

Data Prep U developed an automated dashboard solution to routinely analyze all spending transactions and identify anomalies based on employee behaviors, as well as standardized criteria such as transactions conducted outside of normal hours, purchases made outside of a geographic trade area, and multiple transactions within a specific timeframe, among others.

This solution equipped the internal audit team with comprehensive drill-down capabilities, enabling a deeper understanding of the context and variables associated with any given set of data or transaction. It represents one of many solutions developed to assist internal audits as they transition to a continuous monitoring environment.

Boot Camp Breakthrough: Alteryx Certification Success For Big 4 Accounting Firms

The challenge of elevating the analytics skill set of a vast user base within one the Big 4 accounting firms was no small feat. The traditional path to certification, often requiring over 40 hours of study, presented a considerable obstacle for many aspiring professionals.  Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and engaging learning experience, Data Prep U introduced an innovative Alteryx Boot Camp. This program condensed essential learning into just 12 hours spread over a single week, was meticulously tailored to reflect the certification exam, and offered Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

The Impact:

The program's impact was both immediate and significant. A single pilot Boot Camp ignited a wave of enthusiasm, leading to an overwhelming demand for additional sessions.  This initiative sparked unparalleled engagement and participation levels, highlighting the profound value of targeted, well-crafted educational experiences. It not only propelled professional development within the firm but also led to a substantial increase in the number of certified Alteryx users, showcasing the program's effectiveness in meeting its goals.

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