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We offer a variety of services tailored to fit your needs. As a premier partner of Alteryx, we can ensure that you get the most out of this incredible software. We also support Power BI, Tableau, SQL, Azure, and other cloud services, as well as platform-agnostic executive coaching to develop analytic strategy and architecture.

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Analytics can deliver real returns

From reducing readmissions in hospitals to improving fraud detection in tax filings, analytics enable dramatic advances in virtually every industry. Read a few examples below about the power of Alteryx + data.

Alteryx + Hospitals = Better Rx

The Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) launched the Colorado Opioid Safety Collaborative to tackle opioid administration in emergency departments. Pilot hospitals submitted data on all ED patients who received opioids. With the help of Alteryx, CHA was able to process dozens of custom data files and report back to the providers on the impacts of new prescribing guidelines. The result: over 30% reduction in opioid use with no decrease in pain management scores.
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Time = Money

Trinity Industries manages hundreds of thousands fixed assets but no way to efficiently access the huge amount of data associated with these assets. Their analysts were forced to use Excel not only to report to the company leadership but to the IRS as well. According to a case study by Slalom, "bringing in Alteryx allowed them to consume reporting data from their accounting system, perform "fuzzy" matching on their asset numbers, and present the data in an appropriate manner as needed by each stakeholder." Alteryx and a new approach to data turned a five-month process into a five minute joy. The time saved freed Trinity Industry analysts to actually analyze data, rather than wade through error-prone vlookups and massive spreadsheets.
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Unleash your data

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