Our Products at a Glance

  • On Demand Courses

    A quick, budget-friendly way to get started, right now. Choose from a number of offerings on Alteryx and analytics. See "All Courses" for available options.

  • Custom Education Portal

    Work with us to craft a tailored analytics education platform for your team or company, filled with customized on-demand training and webinars. Branded as yours, you can support current employees and onboard new ones easily and efficiently.

  • Tailored Enablement Paths

    Bringing in Alteryx for the first time? Developing a new analytics team? We can work with you to develop and implement a plan of attack to get you up and running as quickly as possible, armed with the skills to sustain success.

  • Strategic Coaching

    We'll walk the road with you on your analytic journey. Our experience and expertise can help you transform your analytic culture and strategy.

On Demand Courses

Easy to access, even easier to learn.

Our courses help you self-serve the knowledge or skills you need. Leveraging the latest research on learning styles, these pre-recorded lessons walk you from start to finish on Alteryx basics, how to pass the Alteryx certification test, expertly conducting predictive analytics, and more.
All Courses

Tailored Enablement Paths

A map to your analytic success.

There are no shortcuts to success, but we can make sure you take the right roads. We review your specific goals and budget to design and implement a training plan that gets you exactly there as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can chose if you want instructor-led sessions, recording on-demand courses, office hours, or all of the above. If you have recently purchased Alteryx, or are looking to take your Alteryx use to the next level, we make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. We aren't interested in making you dependent on us. We want to empower you and your team with the skills to tackle bigger and better analytic problems than you thought possible. If we do our job well, you shouldn't need us to keep coming back and doing the same things. We want to set you free and see you soar.
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Custom Education Portal

Training by us, for you.

Our learning platform allows us to record specific content, live webinars, and more for just your company, and brand it as yours. Your employees and even your customers can securely access training paths, lessons, resources and instructor-led courses designed just for them. Because workers in the data science fields are in high demand, these positions can be hard to fill and often turn over quickly. Train up new talent internally or reduce the onboarding costs of new hires with an education portal that covers not just general analytic skills but also data processes and challenges specific to your company. We can focus specifically on Alteryx training and success, or cover a broader array of analytic skills. Custom education portals are available as part of an Enablement Path or an independent engagement. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities today.
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Strategic Coaching

Your ally in analytics.

Our experts can advise you, your team or your whole company on how to successfully build both the technical structure and supportive culture to succeed in analytics. Like everything we do, we want it to fit exactly your needs. We will craft an engagement that achieves your goals, within your budget. Starting your data center from scratch? We'll help you ask the right questions, identify key stakeholders, gather requirements, assess technologies, and scope out your plan. Looking to advance your existing capabilities? We can uncover bottle necks, address cultural barriers to analytic success, build systems to encourage data-based decision-making, and train analysts to get the most of their software. Want to be a data-driven leader? We will work with your executive team in single seminars or on-going coaching to develop essential analytic cultural competencies and skills needed to drive a business based on evidence.
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