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    Welcome to Modern Data Concepts with Alteryx Designer!

    • How to use this course

    • A message from your instructor

    • Before we begin...

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    Alteryx Designer 101

    • What the heck do you mean by "modern"? (Chad intro)

    • Alteryx Designer Installation and Licensing

    • Alteryx Designer: An Introduction

    • Alteryx Designer 101 Data

    • Basic input: How do I view data, or read a file into Alteryx?

    • Blending Data The Alteryx Way

    • The transition from Excel to Alteryx: I know I can, but should I?

    • Test your learning

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    Excel to Alteryx

    • Excel to Alteryx - An Introduction

    • VLookups: A Use Case

    • Pivot Tables: The Alteryx Approach

    • I have so many custom functions in Excel, how do I do the same thing in Alteryx?

    • Pop quiz!

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    Dynamic Parsing?

    • Automating Your Work Life

    • Level Up Your Calculated Fields

    • Automated Parsing: Workflow Download

    • Automated parsing: A use case.

    • One question survey

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    Next Steps

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