Automating A Rolling Trial Balance Sheet Live!

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  • Author: Data Prep U
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Video time: 1.5 Hours
  • Live Q&A
Course overview
Join us for a live, instructor led training (ILT) to learn how our customers use Alteryx Designer to automate an incredibly tedious and brittle process.  Previously, processing a monthly rolling trial balance would take hours, but in less time than one month's data preparation, we build a workflow that completes the entire task - and actually runs in just a few seconds.

This course is designed for the intermediate Alteryx user. Here, we walk through a few more in-depth tools, such as the Dynamic Input. 
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Automating A Rolling Trial Balance Sheet Live!

Join us for a live, instructor led training teaching you how to process a rolling trial balance sheet, reducing the time to prepare the data from hours to seconds. In our use case, we are provided with a 12 month rolling trial balance sheet. There are 12 tabs of data, where each represents one month of information. Our goal is to combine all 12 sheets, then perform a series of steps that allows us to better understand our financials. Previously, this process takes 2-4 hours every single month, but with the help of Alteryx we create a workflow from scratch in less time, then process the data in seconds. The best part? We only need to create the workflow once, and can re-use what we build every single month after.
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